Mediation Services Ipswich

Amanda Kent is an accredited Family Law Mediator (officially referred to as an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner). You can view her registration details at the following Attorney-General’s Department site here.

As an accredited family law mediator Amanda is qualified to conduct family dispute resolution sessions in accordance with the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008.

Generally speaking, the law requires separating families who have a dispute about children or property to make a genuine effort to try to sort it out through family dispute resolution before applying to the court for orders.

In some cases family dispute resolution will not be appropriate and therefore may not be required before proceeding to court. These situations may include situations where there is family violence and urgent court applications.

Where the exemptions mentioned above do not apply, you will need a certificate from a family dispute resolution practitioner (known as a Section 60I Certificate) before resolving your matter in court.

Amanda’s services as a mediator can be retained directly by the parties or via their solicitors. You don’t need a solicitor to be with you for the mediation, but a lot of people find it beneficial. Mediations can take anywhere from a few hours to all day.

Amanda’s role when she is acting as a family dispute resolution practitioner is that of a confidential, independent and impartial person who can assist the parties by:


1. Identifying the major points of issue

2. Helping facilitate the understanding and exploration of all possible options; and

3. Documenting any agreed terms.

A mediator does not give legal advice and does not make a decision which is binding on the parties. The main benefits of family dispute resolution are that it often prevents a frustrating, costly and time-consuming court case. Furthermore, it provides an outcome that you have had an active role in formulating and have agreed to. This places you in much more control than if an outcome is simply imposed on you from a judge.


Are You Looking for Family Mediation Services Near You?

If you are in need of a family mediation service, please contact Amanda at our office. We can conduct mediations either here in the Ipswich area or at another location closer to the parties – give us a call today.

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