Handling a small business in Ipswich has its share of responsibilities. Some of the duties that catch most small business owners by surprise are the legal kind. That’s where commercial lawyers come in. No matter what field or industry you’re in, there are times when you will need a business lawyer to guide you through the legalities of owning a business.

Whether it’s for registering your business or drawing up contracts, a good business lawyer can lead your business to success.


Top 5 Things To Look For in a Small Business Lawyer in Ipswich

1. Experience in the Field

Don’t be afraid to be direct in asking for experience. Ask how many years they’ve been practising and in what areas of law so you can have an idea of what they can do.

It’s also important to question how much experience they have working with small businesses. Look for a lawyer that can give you a comprehensive breakdown of the type of work they do.

2. Connections

You shouldn’t change your lawyer based on whatever legal need you may have at the time. Aside from being costly, the relationship with your business will only be superficial. This will result in an unstable source of legal information and guidance.

No lawyer is an expert in every area of law. So, your lawyer should be familiar with the specialised legal needs of your business or they should have a working relationship with someone who is.

3. Experience in the Industry

Learning the ins and outs of the industry of your business can take time. It’s best to choose a corporate lawyer that is already familiar with your industry and its legal environment. Ask if and how they have handled similar legal issues in the past.

4. Patience And Being Educative

A small business lawyer should be willing to take the time to educate you and your staff about the legal environment of your business so you can spot problems on your own in advance. This involves delving deeper into what the commercial law says and how it affects the way you do business. Patience and the ability to teach on your lawyer’s end is necessary.

5. Communication Preferences That Matches Yours

How do you like to communicate with clients? Phone, email, text? What types of things make a lawyer-client relationship work in your view and what makes it challenging?


What To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Lawyer

Before you lock in your chosen business lawyer, here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure that the choice is right for you.

1. What role do I expect my small business lawyer to play?

Having a good grasp of what your expectations are for your business lawyer is key to actually assessing your candidate. Do their performance and work values match your expectations?

2. What qualities do I want in my lawyer?

We might have already given you vital qualifications to look for when hiring a small business lawyer. However, as the business owner, you get to dictate the values and principles that you want to exhibit in your business.

Your lawyer will be a part of your work environment. Do they have the values that you want to see in your employees?

3. Am I confident that the lawyer has my best interests?

Your instincts and how you feel about the candidate are some of the most important yet undervalued factors in choosing a lawyer. It’s more than just formal qualifications to find a good business lawyer. If you feel like you cannot trust this person, you won’t be able to communicate openly and freely with them.

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